DIY Temporary Tattoo Coffee Mugs

Temporary Tattoo Mugs

Coming up with Mother’s Day gift ideas is a little harder this year, with stores closed and shopping limited. The best way to make your Mom smile this year, is make something by hand! These DIY temporary tattoo mugs will allow you to customize a coffee cup for that special lady in your life.



  1. Peel the plastic off of a temporary tattoo and carefully place the design down onto a dry mug.
  2. Press a wet cloth or sponge on top and hold for at least 30 seconds until you can peel away the paper with the tattoo completely stuck to the mug.
  3. Dab the wet cloth over the tattoo to set it. Let dry.
  4. Lastly, brush one layer of Mod Podge over the design and let dry. Hand wash only.

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