DIY Paper Mache Letters With Flowers

Letter Flowers

Paper mache letters filled with flowers looks great as part of a wedding or party decoration! You can hang them on the wall or place them on the table as a part of the table setting.

You will need: Fake flowers (eg candle-rings), hobby paint (eg Plus Color or paint from Martha Stewart Crafts), a brush, oasis/florar foam, a sharp knife or scalpel and a paper mache letter. 

Letters Flowers

Cut away the back of the paper mache letter with a sharp knife. Paint the outside of the letter and allow to dry. Form the oasis/floral foam with a table knife and use it to fill the inside of the letter, it has to be a tight fit. If you use candle-rings, first remove the flowers from the plastic stands. Start arranging your flowers and stick them into the oasis. Now your done! If you want to use fresh flowers, soak the oasis in water and line the inside of the letter with plastic wrap or similar. Make sure that you buy oasis that works with water.

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