A Canadian Company Has Invented A Hazmat Suit For Flying

hazmat suit flying

Flying is one thing that may never be the same after the current COVID-19 pandemic. Many companies are trying to invent products to make traveling safer as the world begins to reopen. One Canadian based company has invented a haute hazmat suit called BioVYZR, to give you ultimate protection when flying.

The $250, futuristic-looking outer layer resembles the top half of an astronaut’s uniform, with anti-fogging “windows” and a built-in hospital-grade air-purifying device.

The co-founder of VYZR Technologies, Al-Qaysi, says the suit is an spin on his company’s first invention, a solar visor meant to provide hands-free shade in the desert.

“When the [Covid-19] outbreak happened, we realized that in a perfect world, everyone would have access to a Powered Air Purifying Respirator. We’ve taken a product usually limited to health care and industrial settings that’s typically priced around $1,800 and adapted it to be accessible to the public,” says Al-Qaysi.

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