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Here are Keep It Pretty we are dedicated to loving yourself, keeping a positive attitude and doing everything with love.
“Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face. It is about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and most importantly a beautiful soul.”

ideas halloween 2020

Creative Nail & Makeup Ideas For Halloween 2020

The best part about Halloween is getting to dress up and wear things you normally wouldn’t. Unfortunately, it is not always allowed everywhere. Bummer, we know. One of the easiest ways to show your love for the spooky season (without breaking any pesky dress codes) is on your nails. Here

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georgie halloween decoration

Make Your Own Life Size Georgie Halloween Decoration

Many would agree, IT has to be one of the most known horror films of all time. And rightfully so, it is scary! For Halloween this year, you can bring the movie to life right in your own front yard. This life size Georgie decoration is sure to scare everyone

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rent treehouse

Rent A Luxurious Treehouse Right Here In The United States

If you are looking for peace and privacy for your next getaway, Treehouse Point has the perfect lodging for you. They are known for the gorgeous views of nature in Issaquah, Washington. The grounds of Treehouse Point have a feeling of royalty, giving guests a magical experience. There are six

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miss piggy makeup

Miss Piggy Has A New Makeup Collection And It’s Pretty & Pink

One of Disney’s more fabulously high maintenance characters, Miss Piggy, is getting her very own makeup collection. The Ciate collection consists of six items that Mrs. Kermit thee Frog would approve of. The new line includes lipstick, blush and cosmetic tools as well as accessories that are available in vibrant

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hazmat suit flying

A Canadian Company Has Invented A Hazmat Suit For Flying

Flying is one thing that may never be the same after the current COVID-19 pandemic. Many companies are trying to invent products to make traveling safer as the world begins to reopen. One Canadian based company has invented a haute hazmat suit called BioVYZR, to give you ultimate protection when

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